Understand What hypnosis is? 

what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say hypnosis, does your mind wander off to the show you watched on stage with your friend in Las Vegas? the very show that made an unsuspecting strange man crawl about the stage and acts like a cat. The victim who was mad enough to raise his hand when the hypnotist asked for a volunteer, does your mind picture the man while he was down on all fours and licking his hand like a paw. or do you think of the cartoons you saw as a child the cartoon where Jerry uses a spiraling image to hypnotized Tom to do his bidding. yes, I am sure this made you laugh but in reality, this is mentalism. 

This is simply a misconception of hypnosis, Hypnosis introduces your mind to a mental concentration, that allows you to reach a different level of consciousness. a deeper level that lies beyond normal grasp it creates a relationship between yourself and the suggestions of your hypnotist. 

your peripheral awareness decreases and your mind becomes deeply focused on a single idea this deep state of mind allows you to tune out your surroundings and focus inside your level of consciousness. 

 This state takes your mind and body to an advanced form of relaxation, releasing the tension in your muscles. your mind will be open and more susceptible to suggestions in your hypnotic state, in addition, your mind will enter a more vivid fantasy state which allows your imagination to prosper and paint an image from your wildest dreams.