The use of hypnosis for therapy is called hypnotherapy. 

there are three stages of hypnosis you will journey through. I will start by using verbal instructions to guide your imagination to a hypnotic state by using suggestive and gentle words, next you will focus on a single idea or image and concentrate vigorously on this image alone. your mind will focus better on a single idea rather than a few and will detach itself from surrounding distractions. the final step is to apply suggestions by verbally guiding your mind through a session you will use your senses to react to emotion. this is the standard route you will follow under hypnosis. 

hypnosis is used to help with a variety of concerns in your life; such as anxiety, social anxiety, self-esteem, confidence, overthinking, and deep sleep sessions to help you gain better self-worth and inner acceptance. 

it will help you learn to accept the things you can and can’t change, your mind is in a relaxed state and you can replace your worries with positive suggestions and guide your mind to self-projected images hypnosis can also be used to alter behavior problems.  


  1. R. Hilgard’s (1986) neo-dissociation theory, Hilgard’s is a well-known theory, the theory suggests that people in a hypnotic state experience a split consciousness one mental stream of activity focuses on suggestion and the other gathers information outside of your conscious awareness.