Myths About Hypnotism

Myths Surrounding Hypnotism

Myths Surrounding Hypnotism

Myths about hypnotism 

there are common myths about hypnotism I would like to discredit, these are simply untrue. 

The first myth is; the one that is most common. 

the myth claims that you will have no memory of your hypnotized state. This myth blows things out of proportion because amnesia only occurs in rare cases then there is posthypnotic amnesia which is a temporary state post-hypnotic amnesia can make you forget things that happen just before or after hypnosis your memory will come back don’t allow this to deter you. 

Another common myth says that you can be hypnotized against your will.

 that is a blatant lie and untruth that was made famous by movies and fiction the myth where people lose control is another myth, I would like to talk to you about remembering there’s a difference between hypnosis and mentalism hypnotism requires you to participate willingly you are in constant control during a hypnosis session so please don’t believe any of these myths (Louise Barton)